Can I pick the date you bill me?

If you're a new member, find more information here about when you'll be billed for your first bag.

Our automated billing system attempts to bill all active members' cards at 9pm PT on the last day of the month. We don't have a way to individually customize that date, so your card will always be billed at the beginning of the month. However, even if you don't have funds available then, our system will make several attempts to charge you again later in the month. Our billing period usually closes mid-month, so you'll still have a chance to be billed even if the charge doesn't clear the first time. 

If you'd prefer not to be billed for the upcoming month, you can skip a month at a time. This puts your membership on pause for 1 month, so you won't be billed or get a Glam Bag that month.


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