What is Glam Bag Plus?

Glam Bag Plus is our new monthly membership of 5 full-size products, including ipster faves and hot new brands, at our introductory price of $25. Like the classic Glam Bag, we personalize Glam Bag Plus by using info from the beauty profile to help members discover their own unique beauty with brands and products that are tailored to them.

You need to have a monthly Glam Bag membership in order to upgrade to the Glam Bag Plus. Existing Glam Bag members get first dibs on the Glam Bag Plus Waitlist, and if you’re on the Waitlist, you’ll continue receiving the classic Glam Bags until a spot opens up.

If you’re an active, monthly Glam Bag member in the U.S. and want to sign up for Glam Bag Plus, you can let us know you’re interested by going to this link: https://bit.ly/2TCqRqN

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