How are Glam Bags personalized?


We personalize Glam Bags using a system called ipsyMatch. It takes info from your beauty profile and product reviews to choose the best Glam Bag combo for you.

We’re a sampling service, and want to introduce you to products you might not have tried otherwise. All our bag combos include a little bit of everything. Since we try to match you with the best overall combo, you may not love every product we send—but we encourage you to try everything you get. You may find a new favorite!

Beauty profile:

We use the beauty profile you filled out when you joined to understand your preferences. Keep in mind that your selections aren't meant to predict what we'll send. Not selecting something doesn't guarantee we'll never send it since bag combos can have a wide variety of products.

If you want to change what you’ve been getting, updating your profile is a great way to start. You can update it any time by following these steps.

Product reviews:

We use your product reviews to help match you with the items we feature each month, so make sure to keep up with your reviews! The more feedback we have from you, the more personalized your Glam Bags will be.

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