Glam Bag Plus

Will the price for Glam Bag Plus change?

No, the price for Glam Bag Plus is not changing. Our Glam Bag Plus members will also get all the amazing new perks, including: Product choice More than $120+ value in every shipment—AND we’re bringing the ...

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If Glam Bag Plus will also have Choice, why isn't the price being raised?

We launched Glam Bag Plus in October 2018. This membership is still new and we’re working out the kinks, but Choice was something we already bundled into the price for our members.

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I have both Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus, what does the price change mean for me?

We love our beauty enthusiasts! We’re so happy you have two memberships with us. The change in our pricing means your Glam Bag will now be $12/month, and your Glam Bag Plus price will stay the same at $25. You’...

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Why did you bring the Glam Bag Plus bag back?

We’re so happy to bring the Glam Bag Plus makeup bag back! Our cosmetics bags are a big part of our IPSY DNA—and we know our Ipsters love it. The makeup bag is back in a medium size for all of your essentials. ...

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