Glam Bag: Shipping

What does "missent" mean?

Packages marked ‘missent’ may result from an improper routing through the USPS. Don’t worry, they’ll be redirected and you will receive your Glam Bag as scheduled. Please allow three days after the “missent” up...

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What does "tendered" mean?

Your Glam Bag is shipped with the help of DHL or FedEx and the USPS. "Tendered" means DHL or FedEx have passed your package on to USPS, and your Glam Bag will soon be on the way to your local post office for de...

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My tracking says “delivered,” but I don’t have my Glam Bag.

Packages are scanned for delivery before your local mail carrier physically drops them at your home, and you may receive your Glam Bag within 24 hours after your tracking has updated to “delivered.” If it’s bee...

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