How can I earn Points?

Our Points program lets you earn Points for participating in activities centered around the Glam Bag. Once you start earning Points, you can redeem them for free products from ipsy! To get started, log into yo...

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Do Points expire?

Yes, Points expire 12 months from the date they were first earned. We encourage ipsters to stay actively engaged in earning and redeeming Points, and we add new redeemable bonus items every month in a range of ...

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How many Points do I have?

After logging into your ipsy account, select the “Points” tab. From there you can see how many Points you've earned and when they'll expire. You can also see your recent Points activity (just select "Activity")...

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How do I earn Points for referring friends to ipsy?

Log in to your ipsy account and select “Points”. Your unique referral link is under “Earn Points”. You can share your referral link via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email. In order for you to receive Point...

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What are the rewards and how do I redeem my Points?

Log into your ipsy.com account, then select “Points”. To see the products we currently have available, select "Rewards". We’ll update Points rewards frequently and announce new bonuses on our Facebook page. Y...

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What happens to my Points if I cancel my membership?

If you cancel your membership, we'll save your Points for up to 12 months (remember that all Points expire one year from the date they were first earned.) Also, please keep in mind that you must be an active me...

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