The ipsy Community

What are the ipsy Community Guidelines?

WHAT TO DO Be positive. We believe in communicating with one another in the most positive way possible. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Non-constructive negativity doesn't add value to the commu...

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Who are the official ipsy creators?

Follow our creators on our YouTube for monthly videos, or by finding them on social media. Connect with the ipsy creators: Gabriel Zamora's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Snapchat: GabrielZamora ...

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Why should I connect with Facebook?

Connecting your ipsy account and Facebook account enables you to participate in ipsy Offers on Facebook, and invite your Facebook friends to ipsy (each referral earns you 600 Points!). How to connect your Fa...

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I found some offensive content. What should I do?

It's very important to us that our site and social channels are welcoming and enjoyable spaces for our members. We have a dedicated team of moderators who are working hard to review comments on all of our socia...

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Do you have a blogger outreach program?

Thanks for your enthusiasm to participate in the ipsy community! We currently don't have a blogger outreach program. If you're interested in our ipsy Open Studios membership program for beauty creators, you can...

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