Can I choose my product for Glam Bag Plus?

The new feature to pick a product in your Glam Bag is currently only available to a small group of members receiving the classic Glam Bag. (Keep in mind that you can still purchase up to 3 Add-Ons during this t...

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I picked my 5th product - when will I get my Glam Bag?

We hope you love your pick! If you were part of the small group of members who could see this option to pick their 5th product, it may take our warehouse additional time to pack and ship your classic Glam Bag, ...

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How do I choose my product before I'm billed?

If you’re part of the small group of members who can see the option to pick the 1st product in your classic Glam Bag, you’ll be able to access this through your Glam Bag timeline (, or through ...

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