I bought some extra products, where can I see them?

We’ll send you a confirmation email with the item(s) you purchased. It won’t be visible on, so keep an eye out for the email! Your confirmation email should have this subject line: "We got your order ...

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Are all products available for Add-Ons?

Thanks for asking! Not all products are available as an Add-On for purchase. These are special selections of member faves.

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Will there be any shipping delays for my Add-Ons?

It can take our warehouse team additional time to prep bags that include Add-Ons. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your order is delayed! You should still receive your Glam Bag and items within 10 business days i...

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How much are Add-Ons?

Extra products are $3 for a deluxe sample size, and $12 for full-size. You can purchase up to 3 products total. Shipping is free, and will be included in your upcoming Glam Bag.

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