How can I give feedback on products?

Glam Bag Subscribers: Right around when Glam Bags start to arrive in the mail, you’ll see “Review” buttons appear below each product in your online Glam Bag. Click “Review” below each product to answer a couple fun, quick questions about it! You can earn 15 Points for each review you complete. You can also share your feedback on social media if you want to.

We’ll use your product feedback to influence product selection for your future Glam Bags, so make sure to keep up with your reviews! You can submit reviews only once for each product you receive. Reviews cannot be changed or edited once you complete them. 

Non-Subscribers: If you don't have a Glam Bag subscription, but you're an ipsy member, you can review any product on by posting a comment and a star rating on the product page (only subscribers earn Points for reviews). 

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