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What is Skip the Wait?

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015 08:22AM PST
Due to high demand, we're currently on a Waitlist. As we grow each month, more subscription spots become available, which we fill from the Waitlist. We aim to move you from the Waitlist as quickly as we can, and will notify you by email when your spot opens up.

In the meantime, you can use Skip the Waitlist to shorten your wait. We created this feature to reward our biggest fans who help us grow our community by sharing ipsy with their friends.

Members who like and share on Facebook to gain a referral, message invites to Facebook friends, as well as subscribe to our Instagram and YouTube channels, will be all set. We'll occasionally run promotions where no friend referral is required -- so keep an eye out for that!

You can also see your subscription status from your ipsy account. By participating, your Glam Bag contents will be posted to your Facebook page every month so your friends can see all the great products you get from your subscription.

We’ll also be rolling out lots of new features over the next few months, including other ways that our members can share their experiences. Stay tuned!

To Skip the Wait:
Log in to your ipsy account and click “Skip the Waitlist!” at the top of the home page, which will prompt you to share and like on Facebook, message Facebook friends, and subscribe to our Instagram and YouTube channels. Then you'll move you off of the Waitlist and be all set to receive your first Glam Bag the following month! 
Sometimes we may also require one friend referral to complete your "Skip the Wait" process, which means a friend must subscribe using your unique referral link.

Each month, your Glam Bag contents will automatically be published to your Facebook feed, as long as auto sharing is still checked in your Facebook settings. You can opt out of auto sharing at any time.