Can I purchase a Glam Bag Gift Subscription?

We don't have a gifting program, but you can still purchase a Glam Bag subscription for someone else. Just follow these steps: 

1. From, click “Join" in the top right corner to create an account for your friend. You'll be asked to take a beauty quiz first (don't worry, your friend can update the answers later). 

2. After you take the quiz, you can enter your friend's email address if you want them to receive the subscription confirmation email directly. Or, you can use your own email address and pass along the login details once you’ve received the confirmation. Your friend can then log in and change her email address and password under “My Account.” This is also where she can retake the beauty quiz.

3. Choose a monthly or yearly subscription. Then enter their shipping information and your billing information (this will not be visible to them). When you're done, your friend's account will be added to our Waitlist, and we'll move them to an active subscription as soon as we can. 

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