When will I get off the Glam Bag Waitlist?

We do our best to move you from the Glam Bag Waitlist to an active membership as quickly as we can, and we’ll shoot you an email when your spot opens. New* members are automatically added to our Waitlist, and as we grow each month, more membership spots open up and we fill them from the Waitlist.

We do save a few spots each month for ipsters who help us celebrate unique beauty by sharing our message on social media through Skip the Wait. As a thank you for sharing the message, we can guarantee that you’ll receive the following month’s bag--just be sure to keep an eye out for that confirmation email.

Here's how you can Skip the Waitlist for the Glam Bag:

1. Log into ipsy.com. At the top of the page, you'll see a banner that says "You are currently on the Waitlist. Want to start getting Glam Bags?"

2. Click on the "Skip the Waitlist!" button and a page will open with steps to follow:

3. Once you complete the steps you'll be all set to receive your Glam Bag next month! Keep an eye out for your confirmation email.

*If you're a past member and decide you want to restart your membership, you'll automatically bypass the Waitlist.

Note: These steps are for the classic Glam Bag.

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